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Olivia Garments was established in 1982 in Singapore, manufacturing garments for private labels and department stores. More than 30 years of in-depth technical and industry experiences has seen us evolve into a highly integrated, vertical and efficient apparel manufacturer with full fledge capabilities, direct sourcing and refine workmanship.

We offer a holistic range of capabilities and technologies in modern apparel manufacturing from design/development to direct custom textile printing/sourcing to manufacturing and delivery. Our processes are highly refined and efficient, which includes in-house precision CAD/CAM development.

We owned factories in China and Indonesia to keep cost, quality and logistics under tight control. Being able to let our clients achieve their manufacturing needs all under one roof meticulously and swiftly allows us to enhance their competitiveness through a faster and more reliable process cycle.

Being well known in the industry for our meticulous approach towards every clients work, we take great pride in their businesses. We have been inspiring confidence in our clients for more than 3 decades allowing many of them to become very successful. Our multi-aspect sustained effort in making our clients competitive, has seen us built up a solid reputation in terms of quality and reliability.

Above all, we take great pride and inspire great confidence in what we do and deliver.

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Feel free to contact us should you have any enquiries relating to apparel manufacturing. We are glad to assist. Our account managers are all highly experienced in all areas relating to the fashion industry. We will reply to your enquiries within 2 working days as promised.
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